Matte Black Pedestal Planter | Peperomia 'Tricolor'


Maker:  Indigro Plants

Easy care houseplant requiring medium to bright light and can tolerate dry soil conditions. Comes in a 4" pot. Pet Friendly.


Maker:  It's Okay Clay 

For the true mid-century modernist at heart with a love for indoor plants. T This minimalist pedestal planter will stand proudly on its own, or next to a few new potted friends in your home, office or studio. The planter is hand thrown using a pottery wheel, topped in a matte black glaze on the outside and glossy black on the inside. The base is made of raw speckled clay. It's gorgeous! + For drainage I recommend placing small pebbles in its base before putting your plant in. There is no hole in the bottom. + Handmade, thrown on a pottery wheel using high quality stoneware. + Pieces may have slight imperfections, as that is the mark of the hand, glaze/kiln chemistry and artist herself. Instagram: @its_ok_clay________


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