Owl :: Tigerflight


Tigerflight pillows are a one of a kind plush sculpture made from recycled sweaters and upholstery remnants. They come with their own name on a card.


Each pillow unique and the sizes vary but this guy is approximately 14” tall and 14” wide.


This owl is made using an olive colored boiled wool sweater and a printed cotton fabric remnant. All Tigerflight pillows are made from both new and recycled materials, but primarily wool sweaters and upholstery remnants. Some have a pattern, but many do not and as such no two are exactly alike. Every Tigerflight pillow is stuffed with brand new premium polyester fiberfill for maximum hugability and resiliency. Since Tigerflight pillows are made with a variety of materials, spot washing is recommended. They are not meant for babies or children that still enjoy chewing on things. I will happily do repairs to your creatures if needed .

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