Chocolate Inclusion Bar Bundle :: Potomac Chocolate


Maker:  Potomac Chocolate Company

A selection of 3 dark chocolate bars with added inclusions. All bars are handcrafted bean-to-bar in Woodbridge, VA. This bundle will include 3 of the following: WORTH ITS SALT - 70% dark chocolate with sea salt YOU BREAD MY MIND - 70% dark chocolate with homemade sourdough breadcrumbs (kind of like what a crunch bar grows up to be) SPICED - 70% dark chocolate, gently spiced with cinnamon, sea salt, and aleppo chilli pepper I'M SORRY FOR WHAT I SAID WHEN I RAN OUT OF COCONUT - 70% dark chocolate with coconut NIBS - 70% dark chocolate with nibs (chunks of the cocoa bean itself) mixed in.

shop made in dc

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