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“Shop Made in DC has had a tremendous impact on the growth of Frères Branchiaux Candle Company. From creating new partnership opportunities, discovering new funding, finding additional resources, vital networking with local DC businesses and local government to creating a new set of customers and fans—-SMIDC has surpassed our expectation as a community business partner. Our revenue, community profile, and brand recognition has risen directly as a result from being in SMIDC.”


“Shop Made in DC has been such a great experience all around! Not only did they increase my sales, but they also provided meetups where I learned some valuable business information and met other makers I didn't know before.”


“I’m eternally grateful to the folks at Shop Made in DC. Not only have they opened their space when I needed a space to present a milestone in my project, they have provided with constant opportunities to grow as a small business, as well as the space for networking and learn from more experienced creators. Thank you!”


“I have learned more about what is required to manage my company’s retail presence and feel more equipped with the logistical knowledge to grow my brand.”


“Visibility of the brand in the heart of Dupont Circle has added to our brand's legitimacy and helped grow our customer base. Shop Made in DC also created additional opportunities for us to demo our product and cultivate new customers in person. Their location also lends itself to office gift set purchases of our syrups, which has allowed for greater reach for our products, getting them into the hands of customers we wouldn't otherwise capture.”


“SMIDC truly goes above and beyond to represent our creative products in an inviting yet sophisticated way. It is clear that they care just as much as we makers do about how our products are organized and presented. They also collect valuable data to help us fine tune our offerings and improve our product.”


shop made in dc

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